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Meat Rabbits

Posted by Boyd Craven III on November 7, 2010 at 7:07 AM Comments comments (6)

About meat rabbits.. What a nutritious and delicious choice for ethical meat.  I have always had a hard time going to the grocery store and buying meat from god knows where :/  and you have no idea what they put into the meat, what conditions the animals were raised in, and what the sanitary conditions of the cafo lot, slaughter house, packaging plant were and no idea how many different chemicals were used to bring you this 1/4 pounder with cheese...

So back to rabbits.  We've found in Michigan that so far it's better to breed our does from mid spring to early winter, seperate does from kits at about 4-6 weeks (for rebreeding) and grow out the kits for another 2-3 weeks before processing.  Did I mention rabbits were proliferic?  We have one doe who produced 6-7 kits her last liter.  I was thinking THAT IS IT?  My dad has some does at his house that drop 8-10 every time, and most of my does here drop 7-8 almost consistantly which is fine by me.  Too many and somebody is always left out.  Now that our breeding stock is up to size we'll be able to foster out the 2-3 extra's to the doe who has 5-6 in her pen.

How does it taste?  Well, as a test my father and I seperately made Jerky out of the rabbit meat and we fed folks from that.  My ma loved it, as did my aunts and cousins he gave samples to.  My kids?  I had 3 lbs of jerky on a friday and by saturday night when I went to get a piece for the neighbor to try we had 2 sticks left!

I guess they got over their fear of trying to eat Mr. Fuzzy.  Last night I made a stew of sorts... You know I love to cook right?

I don't do so well with measuring ingredients but cook by taste!


1 4lb rabbit carcas cleaned

6 quarts of water in large pan

1 large white onion quartered only

1 tablespoon minced garlic


Set to boil for about an hour to hour fifteen minutes


Pull carcass out and let cool enough to pick off the meat and dispose of bones where dogs won't eat them... put meat back in pot


Then I added 2 boxes of Chicken Rice (cheap variety) that usually cooks up like spanish rice. Fried the rice mix in butter, added that and spices right to boiling pot.

2 handfuls of white rice

7 large carrots

2 bell peppers

pinch of basil, seasoning salt, oregano

tablespoon canning salt


and cook till rice and veggies are done... all in all about 2 hours. Makes a very thick stew with rice. Kids had friends over and were giving them evil grins. I figured the stinkers didn't tell their friends they were eating rabbit so I let them know. Not only did they not care, they had seconds.


In all, it fed 10 of us with some leftovers.