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Dead at last Book 2!!!

Posted by Boyd Craven III on March 17, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Tonight I finished book 2 in the series Dead at Last!  Now time for editing, peer review etc.  The first book was rushed into publication via Amazon because this was the book Ashley inspired me to write.  She specifically asked for a book that had vampires, zombies and was written for somebody in the young adult age group.  

I started this book when she first moved in with us and got halfway through, but never finished it.  

Ashley was one of our foster daughters, and one of those we stayed close with.  In her last year living with us she was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphona.  Mid Janurary this year her biological mother called me and told me that she wasn't doing well.  Her fiance and her mother had been trading time off and on at the hosptial, and after years of treatment things weren't going well.

Seeing her was the hardest thing I can remember.  She was a "bigger" girl when she came to live with us with her daughter BB.  When I saw her, she was barely 85 pounds.  Her arms had shrunk to barely the size of the bones the flesh covered.

I held it together the best I could.  Talking on the phone with her over the past year and a half hadn't prepared me for this.  When I couldn't hold the tears back any longer I apologized and she told me it was ok.  She asked about the story, and I told her I would finish it as quick as I could.

I hit publish on Feb 2nd, and she passed late Feb 3rd.  I wish she could have read the end of it.

Some of the reason the 1st book in this series has been edited and re-submitted so much is because of the rush to get it out in time.

I won't promise that book 2 will be better, but I think it is.  I've taken more time to re-read, have more peer review and gone through it quite a few times myself.  I am proud of my 2nd installment of this story.  Ashley would be proud of me.  I am finally doing what I wanted to do when I grow up..... 28 or so kids later....

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